A look at the History of some Brands of Honda

Honda has been recognized worldwide as the largest manufacture of vehicles and internal combustion of engines since 1959. The company makes more than fourteen million engines every year. In 2001, Honda defeated Nissan and became the second Japanese manufacturer of cars. While in 2008, it surpassed Chrysler and became the fourth largest manufacturer of vehicles in United States. Today, it is the sixth manufacturer of vehicles worldwide.

In 1986, the company was able to release in the market a stylish and luxurious brand known as brand. Besides making vehicles, the company also makes other equipments such as generators, marine engines, garden accessories, watercraft and many more. The company has also been making intelligent robots that were first released in 2000.

The founder of Honda, Soichiro Honda, was an ardent fan of vehicles, and he used to be a technician in a turning shop in Japanese. At the shop, he could tune various types of vehicles and entered them in different types of races. Soichiro Honda taught himself engineering and used to work in a piston design. The first drafts of design that he innovated were rejected, and he had no option but to work painstakingly on how to make the design perfect. Luckily, he was awarded a contract with Toyota and constructed a factory of making pistons for Toyota that was later destroyed by an earthquake.

The research institute was established in 1946, by Soichiro Honda in Japan. The main objective of developing the Institute was to make motorbike engines. However, two years later, Honda Motor Company was established. The first vehicle to be manufactured by Honda was a sports car S500.

Honda was forced to increase its production in 2008 September because the demand was too high as well as the emerging market. Honda introduced its second generation in Japan in 2009. Honda targets to sell more than two hundred thousand cars every year with most of them selling in United States. Since 2002, the company has been selling two types of vehicles in United States: Honda Civic Hybrid and Honda Accord Hybrid.

The headquarters of Honda is located in Tokyo, Japan. The shares of Honda are performing quite well in the Tokyo stock exchange and in United States Stock exchange, Paris, Switzerland as well as London. With the current high fuel prices and weak economy in United States, the company made a sale of one percent while their counterparts Toyota and Detroit reported a double loss. In 2007, the sales of Honda were twenty percent high. Vehicles that were selling so much were Civic and Accord.

Despite the company been recognized worldwide as a manufacturer of engines, it has never made a V8 for passenger cars. However, the company started V8 production for the Acura sedans. Besides being recognized as the largest manufacture of vehicles it is also known as the biggest manufacture of motorcycles in Japan and has been the best since 1955. The company makes more than two million motorcycles every year. The figure reduced by 2006, but the company was making a lot of motorcycles more than its competitors.

Timeline of Honda Cars

In 1982, Honda formed the Honda Racing Corporation and the company started making racing machines that were equipped with the latest features. Soichiro Honda, the founder of Honda, was an ardent fan of racing as well as a driver and did not miss most international motor sports. In 1959, the company took part in the most prestigious race in the entire world. The cycles had powerful engines and in 1961, Honda changed the chassis on the cycle and won the Grand Prix for the first time. The bikes were designed in a stylish way while the engine configurations were exotic. They were beautiful a feature that made most drivers to adore and use the motorbikes in any racing competition.

Honda Freed

This is a Mini MPV that was manufactured by Honda. The company manufactured the vehicle since 2008 to replace Honda Mobilio. There are different types of versions that are available in the market: the seven seat version which is equipped with a captain sea. The other two versions are five and eight seat. The engine of the freed is 1. 5L accompanied by a one hundred and eighteen horsepower, and it is the same engine that is usually used in Honda City but there is a slight difference of the engine that is used in freed when it comes to torque.

In 2009, March Freed entered the market in Indonesia. Freed was first launched in Japan. The company is expected to be export in other Asia countries, and experts say that the Asia market is going to be higher compared to Japanese Domestic market. Freed was launched in other countries like Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan and Malaysia, which was the fifth country where freed was launched. The company is targeting to sell more than one thousand units within one year. In Jan 2011, Honda launched freed in Hong Kong.

Purchasing a new vehicle is something that a buyer is supposed to be proud of, especially if it is the latest deal of Honda that is equipped with the latest and advanced features that you are looking for. Besides having the latest features, there are other numerous advantages that a buyer is going to enjoy when you buy a new one. One bonus of purchasing a brand-new Honda is that, lesser maintenance is required compared to an old one.

Brand new Hondas do not need an immediate change of oil. The vehicle owner will not replace brakes, batteries, tires as well as other essential parts of the vehicle. This is because most parts are still new and functioning in good condition. Besides that, brand new vehicles have warranties. The advantage of the warrant is that it covers the maintenance costs for several years and this will save the buyer from spending on the parts. Most warranties are usually for three to four years. Before purchasing any brand of vehicle it is vital to consider all these factors and weigh your personal needs so that you make a good decision.

There no doubt at all that the history of brands of Honda has been filled with positive achievements despite the slow growth of economic being witnessed today. However, the company is making some changes to its structure just to make sure that the company becomes successful.

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