Heavy Trucks for Construction

Normally, trucks are categorized based on their weight, capacity and usage. In the light of the above, there are light trucks and heavy trucks. Generally, heavy trucks refer to those trucks that are designed to withstand bad roads and carry heavy construction tools. They can also be used to overcome some natural disasters and bad weather. With heavy trucks you can drive even when there is heavy snow or drive through gully or any bad terrain. Among the category of heavy trucks we also have heavy truck for constructions. These trucks as implicit from the name are used for construction works.

Heavy duty vehicles for constructions are called by different names and they are:

• Construction plant
• Heavy duty equipment
• Engineering vehicles
• Construction equipment

Heavy duty equipment consists of 5 equipment systems perfectly fixed together. They are traction, implement, structure, control and information, and structure. Most heavy duty machines available today make use of hydraulics as the basic source of power transfer.

It may surprise you to hear that the heavy duty vehicles for constructions have been in existence even in the ancient time. This is a fact that has been proved by history records. Vitruvius the ancient engineer who lived in the first century BCE described in details cranes and heavy duty equipment used in the ancient Rome. This is contained in his treatise called De architectura. However, what the ancient people used is far less desirable than what we have today. There are quite a good number of heavy duty vehicles available in the world today and each of these machines is used for a particular purpose. Below are some of the heavy duty vehicles that are available today.

Aerial Device

This is also called elevating work platform. This vehicle is used to send construction materials to workers at a great height where it will be difficult to send working materials by any other means. The machine can also be used to lift workers to a great height where they cannot get for work.

There are different groups of people that can make use of aerial to carry out their work. Constructors carrying out construction work at a great height can make use of aerial. In case of fire outbreak in such a great heights, fire fighters can also make use of this heavy duty equipment.

One should not confused aerial with a crane. Aerial are used in lifting items of limited weights. Unlike some other heavy vehicle for construction, this machine can be operated by one person alone. There are number of features that may be included in this machine. They can be equipped with compressed air connectors and electrical outlets for power tools. Carrying frames for window glass may also be added in the machine.

Aerial driving mechanism for getting to the desire location can either be pneumatics or hydraulics. This difference in driving mechanism that exists among different brands of aerial determines the price of this machine. The availability of this machine also depends on this driving mechanism. Also see: Excavators and Bulldozers – Construction Vehicles:

Excavators and Bulldozers – Construction Vehicles

Construction vehicles come in all shapes and sizes. They perform various jobs and are necessary in getting the job done. Another heavy vehicle used for construction is called diggers. If you have seen where roads are constructed you would have seen this type of heavy machines. It has a number of usages.
During construction of roads and tunnels, excavator is used in the digging of holes, foundations (in building) and trenches. The beauty of this machine is that it is capable of digging far into the earth surface.

When there is demolition for the purpose of constructions of new roads, excavators are used for such a task. If you have seen where excavators are used in pulling down great building, you will marvel at the strength of this equipment and also at the ingenuity of the people that fabricated it.

There are other applications of excavator such as

• Forestry Work
• General Landscaping/Grading
• Dredging of River
• Heavy Lift like the Lifting of Pipes
• Mining
• Brush Cutting with Hydraulic Attachment

Excavators are available in various sizes. There are the mini sizes which are the small ones. This can also be called the compact excavators. There are also the larger sized excavators. Their weight also depends on their sizes. The larger ones off-course weigh more than the small ones. There are also different companies that fabricate excavators.

Every digger has two main components, namely, the house and the undercarriage. The main components of the house are counterweight, hydraulic motor, operator cab and engine. The center pin connects the house to the undercarriage. The center pin makes it possible for the excavators to rotate to any direction. The undercarriage accommodates such features as the blade, track frame, final drives, tracks, and gearing through which the individual tracks are driven.


One of the commonest heavy duty vehicles for construction is bulldozer also known as a crawler. Because of the popularity of this machine, many people used it to mean any heavy duty vehicle used for construction such as loader or excavator. But this is an erroneous view. This machine has a blade. With the use of the metal plate blade, bulldozer can be employed in pushing large quantities of sand, rubble, soil, gravel and the likes used for construction. At the rear of the machine is ripper which is claw-like device designed to loosen strongly compacted material.

Bulldozer has gone through history. The construction of armored tanks used during the World War I took after bulldozer. It was in the 1923 that the first design of bulldozer was made by James Cummings who was a young farmer and J. Earl Mcleod a draftsman. Since then, there have been improvements on bulldozer. It is now available in varieties of sizes and weight. Many heavy duty equipment makers have their own brands of bulldozer. There are many attachments that have been added to the machine since the first design was made leading to the varieties of applications.

Today, there are as many heavy duty vehicles for construction as there are number of things that are being constructed. Each construction work has a machine suitable for it.

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