History, Features, and Brands of Chevy

There are many brands of cars and many companies that manufacture cars. Each of them has their reasons for manufacturing their product and the peculiar features that stand their product out in the midst of others. Chevrolet or Chevy as it is fondly called is a known brand with an unmistakable identity that has become a household name. It came into existence to fill one of the gaps that existed in the car and transportation industry. And since its emergence, the vehicle has been of great use to many people. Like every great man or enterprise, the Chevrolet had a humble beginning and today it is mighty tree with many uncountable branches. This claim will be made true with cursory look at the history, the feature and brands of Chevrolet or Chevy for those who prefer that.

Historically, Chevrolet’s origin is traceable to the man after which it is named, Louis Chevrolet. It came to be when Louis Chevrolet joined hands with William Durant to co-find the Chevrolet Motor Car Company on the 3rd of November 1911. Durant met Chevrolet when he, Durant, lost his place in the General Motors to others like William Little and Edwin Campbell, who was incidentally his son-in-law. Durant left General Motors in 1910 and immediately he saw a like mind in Louis Chevrolet and the following year they had already started working on their new brand, the Chevrolet. Sometimes it is not wrong to say that the meeting of the two is divine or rather it is destined. What actually happened is that as the General Manager of Buick Motor Company, Durant employed Louis Chevrolet as ordinary driver of the Buick cars during promotions. But Chevrolet was not just to drive but his employer wanted to use his name to clean up his own reputation as racer. It was in the course of this simple employer and employee relationship that both came to the idea of building a new brand. So, one can say that Durant had the experience while Chevrolet had the idea and the spark.

Drawing from his long experience in the General Motors, the Flint Wagon Works, the Mason and Little Companies, Durant and his chief first built the first Chevy following the instructions of Louis to one of his old friends Etienne Planche. He added expertise and creativity to produce the Series C Classic Six which caught the world of vehicles by surprise. Given the excitement that greeted the arrival of the vehicle, the Chevrolet brand was registered and so the story began and continued to grow from strength to strength. Just in matter of two years, in one French hotel room Durant is said to have seen a paper, later identified to be wallpaper the company designed and introduced the famous “Bowtie emblem” log which has remained a shining identity of the company. Like every other history, there are other accounts surrounding the emergence of the trademark. Since the man, Louis Chevrolet after whose name the company is named is from Switzerland by parentage, and the emblem shares a lot of resemblance with the Swiss cross, many say that the emblem is a rehearsed Swiss cross. But that is yet a speculation until proven otherwise. Also see: The Beginning of Chevrolet

The Beginning of Chevrolet

When Louis Chevrolet met William Durant and began the Chevrolet Motor Car Company, it was not an easy road. In the beginning, they had rough periods and experiences. Somehow Chevrolet sold his share in the company to his co-founder Durant when they had some face off around 1915. With that Durant had so much resource that he was able to find his place again in the General Motors as he bought the many shares in the company and that way Chevrolet was joined again to the General Motors.

Also, the location of Chevrolet as factory was not in one place. They had a place at Tarrytown in New York. Similarly the one in Flint Michigan was also growing while another one sprang up in St Louis, Missouri, Oakland California and many other places like Forth Worth, Ontario, Toledo to mention but a few. It is true that Chevrolet is almost everywhere in the world today.

One of the brands of Chevrolet is the Model D. This is a V8 powered car built to carry four passengers or five passengers as the case may be. It is the V8 roadster that carries four passengers while the Tourer can go with five passengers. One of the land mark brands of Chevrolet is Corvette. This is a car with one of the features that makes useful for all purposes. It has two seats and the glass is fiber glass. This makes it a home and a house to anyone who uses the car.

Another brand that spells excellence for the company is the Rochester Ramjet which has a powerful fuel injected engine. This makes the engine to last for long. Then along came the Corvair which is also good in its own way. It has rear-mounted air culled engine which makes the inside of the car a delight There are today the Chevrolet Cruze, Chevrolet SRV Chevrolet Spark, Chevrolet Optra, Chevrolet Forester Chevrolet Aveo, Chevrolet Beat Chevrolet Tavera, Chevrolet Captiva, , and Chevrolet Aveo U-VA and many other. Chevrolet also has brand names in different countries of the world. In India for instance, there is the Chevrolet Captiva, the Chevrolet Cruze and the Chevrolet Beat among others.

On the features, the Chevrolet is second to none. It has an overhead valve in-line six. The cars are usually endowed three speed transmissions with low compression flat head engine with one of the best carburetors in town and. Another feature of the car is that it is cheap and can be afforded by anybody hence it was classed into the “low-priced three” which alongside Ford, Plymouth, and many others of that era. Most Chevrolet products come with the small block V8 engine. Statistics show that the engine because of its durability is the most purchased and used engine. Since its emergence in the 50s, the engine has remained in production even though with some modifications but not in the quality.

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