Honda Cars

Honda Motor Company is a very popular company that is primarily known for its superb vehicles and their distinctive features. The company was established by Japanese people and is now a public multinational corporation.

Since 1959, Honda Motor Company has become one of the largest producers of motorcycles and internal-combustion engines in the entire world. The company’s annual production rate is almost 14 million internal-combustion engines, which are even likely to increase in the following years, considering the high demand of auto cars by the people. In 2001, Honda exceeded Nissan in its automobile production and therefore became the second biggest Japanese company in the world producing widespread automobiles. In August 2008, Honda also exceeded Chrysler, becoming the fourth largest car manufacturer in the United States. Currently, Honda stands at number six, in the production of automobiles in the world.

Honda was the first Japanese company to introduce a luxury product in 1986, which came to be known as Acura. Besides being a specialist in motorcycles and core automobiles, Honda also trades in other products such as personal watercrafts, garden equipment, marine engines, power generators as well as other technical products. Honda has also been working with artificial intelligence like robots since 1986 and introduced their first ever ASIMO robot in 2000. The company is also involved in research in aerospace, establishing GE Honda Aero Engines in 2004 and Honda HA-420 HondaJet in 201. 5% of Honda’s total income is also kept aside for R&D.

Honda’s history is a very special one. Honda’s founder, named Soichiro Honda, was always interested in making automobiles. Initially, he performed the services of a mechanic at a Japanese workshop, where he used to tune cars. He was a self-taught engineer and designed a piston which was rejected by Toyota. He again worked really hard and was finally able to make a contract with the Toyota Company and constructed a factory which was unfortunately destroyed in a natural disaster. He could not further bring his car ideas in use due to a shortage of gasoline fuel, and therefore, began working on ideas of attaching an engine to his bicycle.

Soichiro then set up the Honda Technical Research Institute in Hamamatsu, Japan where he put forth the idea of developing motorbike engines for two cycles. He gathered all the engineers in his country and worked together to design his first motorcycle known as Honda Cub. This became the beginning of the Honda Motor Company which was very soon to become the world’s largest motorcycle producers in the world.

Honda Motor Company began its sale in August 1963, and the first production was the mini T360 pick-up truck which was powered by a small gasoline engine of 356 cc. The new vehicle was put in the Kei car category. Besides this, Honda’s first car which was put on sale in October 1963 was the S500 sports car. The chain driven back wheels of the new car resembled the Honda’s motorcycle design. These became the first motorcycle and car models of the company.

Facts about the Honda Cars

With the passage of time, Honda Motor Company introduced many different models of cars, each having its own features and specifications, which were designed according to the customers’ needs and expectations. Some of these car models include Accord, Fit, Civic, Insight, Odyssey, CR-V and many others. Honda offers many different vehicles all suited for specific regions. Therefore, some of Honda’s car models vary by country. Examples for these are some of the latest inventions like the Ridgeline, Acura TL comfort car as well as Honda’s light duty and single body pick-up truck. These vehicles are only manufactured and sold in North America.

Another very superb and famous car model of Honda is the Civic. This automobile is the second most commonly sold Japanese product besides its rival model of Toyota Corolla, which was invented in 1968. After the 1990s, Civic and other very popular car models of Honda like Accord and Prelude also began to be sold outside North America. Along the years, Civic has undergone several changes in its design, but it still continues to be the widely sold of all Honda cars and gaps between the Accord and Fit.

Honda further expanded its car business and production in September 2008, to meet the growing demands of small cars in the United States as well as in the outside markets. The company is mixing US production from time to time to continue work in factories and for massive car production. Furthermore, it is producing fewer sports vehicles and minivans, due to a drastic decrease in light-truck sales.

Besides the production of ordinary cars, Honda produces hybrid-electric cars like Civic Hybrid that is in a tough competition with Toyota Prius. CR-Z as well as Insight is also some of the amazing car models in Honda’s car collection. Many Honda Cars have also won numerous prestigious awards for their unique features. Honda’s first ever pickup light duty car, known as Ridgeline, was given the Truck if the Year award in 2006b by the Motor Trend magazine. In the same year, the redesigned mode of Civic also won the Car of the Year award from the magazine. This gave Honda the honor of winning double Motor Trend awards in a single row.

Honda has also announced to increase its hybrid car sales from 14.8 % of its total sales in the previous year to almost 20% of its sales in 2011. Honda has proven to be one of the best cars producing companies in the whole world. Between 1984 and 2010, there were nearly five cars manufactured by Honda Motor Company, which were included in the top ten United States Environmental Protection Agency’s cars. So far, no other automobile companies have managed to get this number of cars in the Agency.

Honda’s cars come with a complete fuel efficiency guarantee and promise extreme comfort, luxury, speed as well as quality in economical rates as compared to other companies. Cars manufactured by Honda Motor Company are surely the best to buy.

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