Computer temperature

Why you need to cool your computer

You will need to keep your computer and all its components at a reasonable temperature if you want to get the most out of it and avoid burning them out. The fan is the component that will be added to your configuration to ensure the proper cooling of your computer, on the one hand, but also, more specifically, of your CPU. It will therefore have to adapt perfectly to the possibilities of your Tower, both in size and number and in connection. Visit for more tips.

Cooling techniques

The original CPU fan

They are good for basic cooling at the expense of silence which is why they are replaced as frequently as possible.

Medium range fan

The medium range cooler opens the door to overclocking, and will obviously make your computer quieter.

Top of the range cooler

It offers an exceptionally high cooling performance with almost inaudible operation: ideal for high-end systems with limited space.

Ultra high end cooler

This type of cooler is perfect for advanced overclocking or to enjoy a maximum of silence. It’s also ideal for i5 CPUs.

Extreme overclocking

This type, which is of consequent size, is intended for the users orienting themselves towards an extreme CPU overclocking.


Already filled and hermetically sealed, the system is ready to use and does not require the maintenance inherent in standard cooling.

Pick the right CPU fan

CPU fans to match your processor

The CPU fans have an even more precise role since they come directly to cool the processor, an element which is, even more than the others, at risk of overheating if you are not careful. There are then various solutions, where you can find most of the companies already mentioned, to bring you options that fit your processor as well as your Tower. Indeed, depending on the socket of your processor, depending on its brand, you will find particular fans. Socket AM2, AM2+, AM3, AM4, FM2, FM2+, TR4 for AMD processors, and the whole range of LGA sockets for your Intel processors, you will be able to refine the assembly of your Tower. Moreover, you will choose the dimensions and, more specifically, the fan heights that suit it. Aluminium, copper, plastic, assembly of these different materials, your CPU processor can also be backlit or not, and will be more or less silent.

For a CPU

First of all, you have to consider your hardware: processor fans are designed to fit a particular socket. So check the compatibility with your motherboard.

For a graphics card

Your graphics card fan might cause unpleasant noise. In this case, so you will need to replace it with a quieter model without sacrificing performance.

For a PC case

When your PC case needs air and you want to equip it with an additional fan, or you want to replace existing models for quieter elements.

For a laptop

Tired of having a hot laptop blowing up all the time? To avoid these inconveniences, it is advisable to invest in a ventilated cooler stand.

Watercooling: the ultimate cooling method

The efficiency and silence of watercooling

If you’re looking for true silent cooling, you should also appreciate the principle of watercooling offered by brands such as Cooler Master, Thermaltake, Corsair, EKWB or Asus, among others. Here too, you will find models according to the type of processor it has to adapt to. As a complete wetercooling kit or to be assembled, or even as spare parts, you will be able to create a liquid cooling with your own hands or to change some of its elements. More or less powerful, with radiators from 120 up to 420 mm, it can also be declined in luminous, illuminating colored coolants coming to take place in your system. But you will also find thermal pastes to realize your assembly, paste that will come to be positioned between your CPU fan and your CPU.

Thermal paste