Cooling techniques

Water cooling for PCs

Liquid cooling is the reduction of heat in electronic and mechanical equipment by using the high heat absorption capacity of water. It is a proven cooling method in many current technologies. It is generally used in automobiles, mainframe computers and…

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What is the best cooling system for PCs?

Passive, active, liquid, ventilated cooling… You’re building your computer or want to change the cooling system to make it more efficient, but you’re not familiar with these terms. In this article you will discover different ways to cool your computer,…

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How do you cool your computer gamer?

Even if gaming consoles are convenient, gaming pc’s are still the best option to enjoy a complete videogame session, but this with its drawbacks. As gamers, it is common to encounter problems of overheating pc. And to protect it, nothing…

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What can you do to prevent your PC from overheating?

Personal computers are becoming more and more powerful, their processors faster and more efficient, so they tend to overheat. Together with the graphics card, the processor is the part of the PC most susceptible to overheating. What can you do…

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