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How to choose the right fan for your PC?

The fan is an important element in a computer, it helps to avoid overheating of your components and to cool your PC. The processor and the graphic card are components that are particularly hot, so it is mandatory to equip…

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What is the purpose of a PC cooler?

Like any device, your laptop can wear out over time. Internal components will start to degrade little by little, including your cooling system. However, if your laptop lacks ventilation, you can’t work on it properly. The price of a good…

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PC cooler : is it essential for my laptop? 

In this age where everything is technology, laptops are more and more in demand every day. Whether for work or just for entertainment, these computer machines can perform a multitude of tasks. A study has even shown that the people…

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What is the purpose of a laptop cooling system?

Does your laptop heat up quickly? The solution, a pc cooling system. When you have a cooling system, you don’t risk overheating or bugs and even less performance drops. So you can play or work quietly and quickly. What is…

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