Computer cooling

How to avoid common PC mounting mistakes?

Setting up a PC is always easy at first. However, it can get complicated when you click on the “Power” button and the PC does not boot up as expected. We had the idea to make this article in this…

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How to properly orient the fans in your PC?

Air circulation in the PC is essential to avoid overheating which could damage the circuits. Here’s how to place the fans optimally. When you mount your own PC, you must install fans to circulate air through the case. But don’t…

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The best PC fans

PC fans are one of the most important computer components. They are mainly responsible for the proper ventilation of your computer. Without them, the temperature inside your case can become high, which can then increase the temperature of your main…

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How to choose a fan for your computer?

Whether it is for your case, your processor or your graphics card, the choice of a fan is important. As you might expect, the main focus should be on quietness or optimizing the airflow. Follow this guide! The characteristics of…

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