How to properly orient the fans in your PC?

Air circulation in the PC is essential to avoid overheating which could damage the circuits. Here's how to place the fans optimally. When you mount your own PC, you must install fans to circulate air through the case. But don't go in the wrong direction, because the fan sucks in air from one side and blows it out from the other side. It is therefore important to find the right orientation.
  • Look carefully at both sides of the fan. Usually, one side has a frame to protect the blades. This is where the air is expelled.
  • Some fans have arrows on the edge of the fan to indicate the direction of air flow.
  • If your PC has a water cooling system with a radiator, attach the fans so that they draw air into the case and expel it to the radiator to remove heat.
  • If your PC uses fans at the front and rear of the case, the front fans should draw fresh air from outside and the rear fans should blow out the hot air.
  • Feel free to test different positions for each fan, rotating them to find the best position for their power cables.

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The motherboard's in place. Now it's time for the watercooling radiator to be docked to the case. Then we take care of its fans. Don't fix everything permanently, pre-position, adjust and then screw in. Please also be aware that if by any chance you find the fans too noisy or not efficient enough, the format is standard (120 mm). It is therefore possible to exchange them for others. Be careful, however, with the thickness of the frame, as it may differ from one model to another.
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