How do you cool your computer gamer?

Even if gaming consoles are convenient, gaming pc's are still the best option to enjoy a complete videogame session, but this with its drawbacks. As gamers, it is common to encounter problems of overheating pc. And to protect it, nothing is better than an adapted, sufficient and efficient cooling. But how?

The ventilated support

A ventilated gamer notebook stand is the best solution to cool your gaming notebook and is the most efficient solution for cooling your gaming notebook. As gamer pc's are small, their components are enclosed, even crammed or reduced in size. The cooling system is affected and may not function normally. So a cooling plate or air extractor will help to lower the temperature inside your gaming notebook. This ventilated laptop stand will greatly reduce the internal heat, even if it is placed externally, behind or below the laptop. For your information, the coolers are equipped with powerful fans that supplement the work of the cooling system. The laptop fan stand 17, for example, is one of the best models of gamer pc coolers. The extractors suck out excess heat and are placed at the air inlet.

A case and a heat sink

There is a thermal paste, to be placed in very small doses on the cooler and spread via the ventirad. In high doses, it can infect and degrade the cooler. However, it must be changed from time to time, as it deteriorates quite quickly. It is also important to have a silent and well ventilated pc box. In fact, if the fan is small, it will produce less noise. It can even be quiet. If you place one in the case, the cooling effect will spread faster for more efficiency. In a way, even if gaming requires the use of high-performance PCs, it is wiser to limit the maximum load. Remember to use little CPU so as not to increase the internal heat.

Regular cleaning

Overheating is often a problem of cleanliness, sorry! Dust and dirt in the pc and in the ambient air get stuck on components and processors. This blocks their performance and in the long run will cause a slowdown due to an increase in temperature. The air inlets and outlets as well as the cooling system are damaged by this dirt, so the heat remains trapped and is not properly dissipated. This causes overheating.
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