PC cooler : is it essential for my laptop? 

In this age where everything is technology, laptops are more and more in demand every day. Whether for work or just for entertainment, these computer machines can perform a multitude of tasks. A study has even shown that the people stay in front of their PCs for an average of 5 hours a day. Taking care of it is therefore essential in order to extend its lifespan, but also to preserve its performance. At the same time, intensive use exposes your device to the risk of overheating, which can damage internal components. That's why many manufacturers are now marketing PC coolers. While useful, are they indispensable?

How do you know when your machine is overheating?

Practical and efficient, laptops are a must have these days. Almost everyone has one. Easy to carry around and easy to slip into bags, PCs are becoming a faithful ally in everyday life. But like any device, their quality can differ depending on the brand. And of course, some models are less powerful than others. It is also common to find machines with ventilation problems. A laptop already has a less reliable cooling system than a desktop computer (here's our list of the best products). If you've been using your PC for long hours, it's normal for the temperature to rise a bit without overheating. Know how to spot the real symptoms so that you can take effective action. In principle, a fan failure results in a rapid rise in temperature the minute you start up. You will notice that the machine is making more noise than usual. It can also crash during use and freeze in a picture. In case of intensive use, your PC will also freeze on a black screen. This forces you to restart the machine suddenly. Usually, various reasons can cause your cooling system to fail. But its worst enemy is dust. Dust gets stuck inside the fan and blocks the heat exhaust, causing the machine to shut down completely.

What internal parts of your computer are affected by this problem?

Overheating causes your computer's performance to drop and reduces its lifespan. In addition to dust, it is also caused by an obsolete cooling system and obstruction of external inputs and outputs. Warm air cannot be exhausted properly, and at the same time, cool air is difficult to get in. This affects several components of your machine, which must be cooled in order for the unit to function properly. Considered to be the brain of the computer, the processor is a vital component that requires special attention. This electronic circuit allows the machine to interact quickly with the user. In addition, it is responsible for the exchange of data between the other components of the device, namely the hard disk, the graphics card and the RAM. Because of its heavy tasks, the processor therefore requires permanent and efficient cooling. The graphics card is the essential component of the computer and is the part that produces the image displayed on the screen. Because of its importance, it must be kept cool. In principle, passive cooling is used more on graphics adapters. This involves the use of a plastic radiator, usually tiny, which you can easily insert into a media center. Just as important as the card, the hard disk requires just as much monitoring. Because some hard drives heat up much faster than we would like.
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What is the purpose of a PC cooler?

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